Gum Disease Treatment

The focus of commercialized dental products is usually the shade of your teeth, strongly hinting that is the key to a healthy smile. However, when you read oral care articles or actually speak with a dental health professional, the term periodontics often comes up as the building block of a healthy smile. And it doesn’t have anything to do with your teeth!

What Do Periodontists Do?

Periodontics is the field that focuses on soft tissue like the gums and supporting structures of the tooth, which play a vital role in keeping your teeth healthy and functioning properly.

Gum disease does not only put you at risk for tooth loss, but other major health problems that go beyond oral care, such as:

  • Heart disease.
  • Diabetes.
  • Stroke.

These and many more serious health issues have been linked to gum disease, which makes it essential to get treatment immediately.

What Is Gum Disease? What Are the Warning Signs?

Our mouth is home to countless bacteria, some of which are harmful. Should our dental hygiene become lax, this allows harmful bacteria to begin attacking our gums, even developing into a film known as plaque. Plaque can later harden, becoming tartar, another term you may be familiar with.

This will inflame the gums, which is the first stage of gum disease known as gingivitis. The warning signs often include:

  • Increased sensitivity to the gums.
  • Discoloration as the gums have turned from pink to a reddish color.
  • Frequent bleeding when brushing or flossing.

In this stage, the more severe health risks are avoidable, so act swiftly to ensure your gum disease doesn’t progress!

Periodontitis Progression

  • First Stage: If gingivitis does progress, it is known as first-stage periodontitis or early periodontal disease. The bacterial infection’s damage can be noticed by a receding gum line, exposing more of your tooth’s base, and gum discoloration.
  • Second Stage: This is advanced periodontitis, where gum tissue and even bone tissue have begun to deteriorate. There is little holding your teeth in place, so at this stage, there is a significant chance of tooth loss.

The warning signs of periodontitis often include:

  • Persistent toothaches.
  • Difficulty chewing.
  • Foul breath that can’t be resolved with brushing or mouthwash.
  • A bad taste in your mouth.

What Are My Treatment Options?

Here at Bayview Dental Center, we appreciate that each patient has a unique lifestyle with their own time constraints and demands. That’s why we want to give you as many options as possible when it comes to your gum treatment. During your consultation, you’ll learn about the following procedures:

Ozone Dental Therapy

One of the least invasive procedures possible to clear your inflamed gum tissue or infection is ozone therapy. The process works by exposing a cavity or infected area to a negative charge of ozone gas, which kills the bacteria causing the infection.

Not only that, it adjusts the pH levels around the tissue, making it impossible for the bacteria to grow. Perhaps the most appealing part of this procedure for most patients is there’s no need for recovery! You can drive yourself home once you’re done with the therapy.

Laser Gum Treatment

At our office, you can always expect not only to be treated by a spectacular dental team, but also the finest technology. Laser gum treatment uses this technology to get rid of infection and unwanted tissue.

Using this advanced precision tool, pulses of high-powered, light wavelengths (lasers) are directed at the gums. The accuracy and ability to sterilize the removal site upon contact promote the healing process.


If you have been diagnosed with chronic periodontitis, medication may be the best way to keep it in check. During your consultation, we can review your medical history and recommend the correct medication for you.

If necessary, we can even discuss a dental tray delivery system, where we create a customized mold of your teeth. This will help place medication (such as oral gels) where it is needed most, including beneath the gum line.

Schedule Your Appointment for Great Gums

Gum disease carries with it a lot of health care risks, from tooth loss to heart disease. But a healthy set of gums that allow a brilliant smile is just an appointment away thanks to Bayview Dental Center.

With a variety of excellent gum treatments and other services for the oral health of residents of Texas City, TX, and the neighboring counties, why hesitate? Schedule your consultation today!

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