Orthodontic Screening in Texas City

Although it may appear as though your child’s teeth are straight, there may be problems that are not visible that can only be detected by an orthodontist. Early evaluation and treatment of orthodontic issues can help prevent more serious problems and treatment later on. You can find beneficial orthodontic screenings at Bayview Dental Center in Texas City.

What is an Orthodontic Screening?

An orthodontic screening is a visual inspection of the mouth with the goal of identifying occlusion abnormalities in children. It is performed with the use of a tongue blade and orthodontic ruler or gauge. The screening is not a diagnostic examination, but the results of it could then require one. It’s recommended that children have an orthodontic screening by the age of seven. Signs that an orthodontist will be needed include:

  • Early or late loss of the baby teeth
  • Mouth breathing
  • Finger/thumb sucking
  • A difficult time chewing or biting food
  • Crowded, misplaced, or blocked teeth
  • Teeth that come together abnormally or not at all

How is an Orthodontic Screening Performed?

An orthodontic screening is a noninvasive procedure that looks not just at the teeth, but also at the facial form. Your dentist at Bayview Dental Center will look for any asymmetries in the face that may be starting to appear as the child develops. Treatment may be needed to correct them. The examination of the teeth will note the alignment of the teeth in addition to the presence of any lesions or other issues in the mouth. Your dentist will be looking for issues of crowding or occlusion, missing teeth, anomalies or crossbites, and whether there are any effects from oral habits.

Why is Early Screening Recommended?

Just as with any other dental or health issue, it is better to find a problem sooner rather than later to get it treated. Not only does early treatment better benefit the patient and improve their quality of life, but it is easier to treat children when they are younger, and the teeth are more easily moved. Correcting problems at an early stage could prevent the development of additional problems in the future.

Make an appointment at Bayview Dental Center for an orthodontic screening in Texas City for your child today.

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